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What is a Settlement Report?

This report outlines the amount that is settled to your nominated bank account on a daily basis provided that there are funds to be transferred based on your transaction activities.

Please note that default settlement period is 2 business/banking days; take into account if there are public holidays.

For example:

  • Your customer pays you on Monday, this will appear in your Wednesday settlement report

  • Your customer pays you on the weekend, this will appear in your Tuesday settlement report

  • However, all payments will displayed in the Transactions Page so you can check if they settled or failed.

Settlement Report Schedule

You can set up the frequency, format and when to receive this report.

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file.

  2. On the left hand side, under ezyCollect Payments, click Report Settings.

4. In the Settlement Report Schedule, Click on Edit.

Setup the different options:

  • Status

    • Enable - The report will be sent according to the settings here

    • Disable - The report will not be sent; this is the default.

  • Email - email recipient/s of the report

    • More than one email address can be added using the semicolon ( ; )

    • However, multiple emails will only have 1 setting at this stage.

  • Report format - Type of attached report

    • CSV

    • XLS

5. Once done, click Save to save your settings or Cancel.

Important Information:

  • Only Manager users in ezyCollect will be able to access and make changes to this Report Settings.

  • Settlement reports are generated on a daily basis and will be sent to you if there's a scheduled settlement of fund(s) on that day. The report is automatically sent to your nominated email address between 11:00am - 1:00pm AEST.

  • What's included in the Settlement Report:

    • Credit Card - All payouts completed for the day

    • Bank Transfer - All transactions that were cleared the day before and scheduled for settlement on the day.

  • Note: The bank transactions in the settlement report can be settled up until 7pm AEDT/AEST. This means you may not see some bank transfers in your bank account until 7pm that same day. You can check the status of these payments in your Transactions Page.

Sample Settlement Report Email

There will also be an attached detailed report in either CSV or EXCEL format; depending on what you've selected.
Sample CSV below:

Key Columns Explained

Requested Amount

  • Original payment amount without any fees

Payment Amount

  • Total charge including fees

Total Fee

  • Automatically calculated on the Requested Amount depending on your fee structure (i.e. % surcharged/absorbed)

Total Refunded

  • Display the partial or full refund amount (if applicable)

Settled Amount

  • Settled Amount = Payment Amount - Fee Amount (This is the total amount that is deposited/cleared to your Account)

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