ezyCollect is now able to split certain communications, such as New Invoices and Statements to send to different Contacts within the same customer's/debtor company.

If you have certain debtors that prefer to have Invoices received to one email address (i.e Accounts Team) and a secondary contact who will receive only the Monthly Statement (i.e Credit Controller), this option is now available.

How do I set this up?

Step 1: Go to your Customers Page, select the customer name where you want to have specific customer contact tagging.

Step 2: From the specific customer page, choose the customer contact that you would like to assign the tag. You will have 5 tags to choose from the drop down (see below for different tags).

Step 2: Once you have selected the Tag, you can click anywhere on the page and this will then save the tag of your choice to the contact. 

Stage 3: Your tag is now assigned and all future communications assigned with this tag will be sent specifically to this contact*

*Final Step: To assign the customer contact tags in your workflow, you will need to enable the Advanced Communication Workflow Settings, learn how to do that here.* 

What Tags are available and when should I be using them?

There are a total of 5 tags available for you to use*:
*The recommendation is that each of the tags be used for the appropriate recipient dependent on the communication type. i.e New Invoices be sent to the New Invoice recipients and the Statement be sent to your debtor's preferred Statement contact. 

  1. Receive All Communications (Set by Default) - default setting to receive all communications unless the tag is removed in specific contact/s. Each accounting software follows certain rules to let ezyCollect know which contacts are assigned as the default contact tagged to 'Receive All Communications'. Learn more here. 

  2. Receive Invoices -  contacts to receive invoices

  3. Receive Statements - contact/s to receive statements

  4. Receive Thank You Email - contact/s to receive statements

  5. Escalation Contact - This tag is intended to include an escalation contact within the payment reminders at the more significantly overdue stage of your workflow. These escalation points are generally the Credit Controllers/CFO contacts from your debtor's company. 

Important Note: These customer contact tags are meant to align to the appropriate recipients of the communications, however, you can also use them interchangeably to each communications depending on where you want the communications to be sent to. 

If I do not need customer contact tagging, does this change anything?

Customer contact tagging is a highly customised feature that allows you to select customer contacts on a case by case basis. However, if you do not currently need customer contact tagging you will not need to change anything. Your normal contacts will still be setup as the main email recipients.

Customer Contact Tagging Video 

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