This is your customer portal where it's fully branded with your own logo and company name and your customer's name.

ezyCollect's Customer Portal will allow your customers to access your invoices* and statements when you select to attach invoices/statements in your automated or manual emails.

See sample email below:

Once your customer clicks on the View Invoices/Statements button, it will direct them to your customer portal (unique to each of your customers/debtors).

The Invoices page or tab is the default and the first tab in your customer portal. This page will display all open and overdue invoices. Your customer/debtor can:

  • view and download invoices (open and overdue only*)

  • Pay by instalments option will also be displayed on this page.

As there's no online payment facility (credit card payments) attached to your account, please note that if your customer clicks the Pay Now button, they will be prompted with this message:

If you would like to offer credit card payments (Simplypaid) in your customer portal, please reach out to our team at

Statements Tab

This is where you and your customers/debtors can view history of statements sent (sent after 4 June 2020 when this was released). Your customer/debtor can also view and download statements in this page.

  • view and download statements

  • There's also a highlight in the invoice section (visible in any tab) to prompt them to recent statements sent.

Important Notes:

  • Please note application for credit card payments are currently available in Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK - speak to our team for more details.

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