Configure and edit your automated monthly statement template and settings

How to enable automated monthly client statement

  1. Login to your ezyCollect account.

  2. Go to Settings, then Communications Rules.

  3. Scroll down to Email Monthly Client Statements and click Enable.

  • Click View & Edit to make changes to the statement template and configuration.

  • To disable this functionality, simply click Disable instead of View & Edit.

If you would like to add another automated statement then click Add new Monthly Client Statement and check out this guideline.

How to configure and edit Monthly Client Statements:

(Step by step guideline below or video guideline available here)

When configuring monthly client statement emails, you have 4 different sections you can setup plus edit the subject and the message of the email.

A. Send on

  • ezyCollect Users will be able to select time and timezone (currently only applies to monthly client statement)

  • Once you click on this area, you will be able to edit and select the time and timezone. For example, GMT Standard Time, or New Zealand Standard Time

  • The date format will automatically adjust based on the selected timezone.

  • You can choose to send from 1st to the 28th of the month OR the Last Day of the month (this includes 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st - if any of your chosen date falls into this it will auto send to the last day of the month rather than any of these dates).

  • Monthly statements will be sent based on the time in the selected timezone

In the example below, I've chosen Perth / WA timezone.

  • You can also select the box next to Weekdays Only* if you wish to send statements on weekdays only

*Sends scheduled communication on the closest weekday of the month. Weekday includes public holidays; this means that if there's a public holiday on a weekday the statements will still be sent.

Important / For examples:

- If your statement is scheduled to send on a Saturday, it will be sent on a Friday (the day before)

- If your statement is scheduled to send on a Sunday, it will be sent on a Monday (the following day)

- If your statement is scheduled to send on the last day of the month and this falls on a Sunday, it will be sent on Friday (2 days before; to fall within the month)

  • Click Update once you've finalise the date, time and timezone format or Cancel to exit and cancel the changes.

B. Send to:

  • ezyCollect Users will be able to select to contact tags within the statement configuration or in the Communication Rules page.

  • Please ensure you have advanced communication settings enabled and customer contact tags. By default, it will send to contacts tagged with 'Receive All Communications' - you can edit this by clicking on it and making the necessary changes

  • Important note: By default, automated statements will be Sent to Customers with Balance Owing >$0 AND Customers Status = Active (this cannot be edited at this stage)

  • Click Update or Cancel if you do not wish to make any changes.

C. Statement Attachment Setting

You can set the attachment setting from this section (previously in the Configurations section).

D. Template

Choose the email template you wish to use for your automated monthly client statements. By default, there will be a template named Statement Template that you can use already.

Please refer to this guideline to learn how to create new templates for automated and on-demand statements.

E: Subject

Edit the customer statement email subject and use different smart merge fields available.

  • Updated smart merge fields are now using {{ }} curly brackets and you can use these in the subject of statement emails.

F. Message

Edit the actual message and content of your automated email monthly client statement. Use the new and updated smart merge fields like positioning your attachment links so your customers can easily access your attached invoices/statements which will divert them to a unique customer portal or Simplypaid page.

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