This is where you really get to take control of your accounts receivables! Decide when the system should generate your reminders and what format they should take.

In the example below, we set up our first follow-up reminder to be an email sent 2 days after the oldest overdue invoice.

After logging into ezyCollect:

  1.  Click Communication Rules from the left menu. 

  2. Click View and Edit next to First Follow-Up.

  3. From the Communication Type drop down box, select Email.

  4. In the Schedule Communication field, type the number of days. In the example below, we type 2, indicating the reminder will be sent 2 days after the oldest overdue invoice.

  5.  You can now edit the templates provided by typing your subject heading, adding the body of your email, and by dragging and dropping merge fields from the right menu.

  6. Click Save and Enable to save changes.

  7. Confirm changes in the pop-up window by clicking Proceed to change the communication plan.

  8. Continue to set up each subsequent follow-up, choosing your communication type (mail, email, call or fax) and your number of days each time. (Note that the days represent days after the previous follow-up was sent.)

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